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Bezmaksas piegāde. Pirkumiem virs 29€

Gaggia La Reale 2 gr

Gaggia La Reale 2 gr
Gaggia La Reale 2 gr
Gaggia La Reale 2 gr
Gaggia La Reale 2 gr
Gaggia La Reale 2 gr
Gaggia La Reale 2 gr
Gaggia La Reale 2 gr
Gaggia La Reale 2 gr
Gaggia La Reale 2 gr
Bezmaksas piegāde
Pirkumiem virs 29€
  • Pieejamība: Ir veikalā
  • Nosaukums: Gaggia La Reale 2 gr
Piegāde: 1-2 dienu laikā
7 986,00€
Bez PVN: 6 600,00€

La Reale is a premium espresso machine that combines cutting-edge technology with an elegant and sophisticated Italian design that takes us back in time to the 1950s.

Designed with the barista in mind, it is equipped with cutting-edge technology to optimise all its features.

- Individual display for each group

- Working area with LED lighting

- Warm 2 Touch steam wands

- Ergonomic filter holders and hot water dispenser with programmable volume and temperature

- 3.5” displays to control the programming, the configuration of different coffee doses, and the temperature and pressure during extraction, with the possibility to program 4 different drink selections on each group.

- Flush button to rinse the group before each extraction

- Dynamic Flow Control to set different pressure flow profiles during coffee extraction, making it possible to adjust the coffee on a cup-by-cup basis, getting the colour, body, acidity and sweetness and any possible flavour profile when using a single blend.


The Important details

Dual User Interface

- "3.5” touch screen to program coffee doses, temperature and pressure

- “Flush button” for rinsing the group

- Three programmable drink selectors

Maxium Performance

- Independent coffee boiler for each group

- Water pre-heating system

- Boiler insulation for excellent energy savings.

Barista Essentials

- Ergonomic design for optimised features

- Angled display, working area with LED lighting

- Easy-to-use steam wand and ergonomic filter holders.

- Warm 2 Touch steam wands.

- Instant fresh water system for teas with programmable size and temperature.


Independent boilers for each group

3.5'' touch screen for each group

3 programmable direct selection buttons for each group

Electric cup warmer

LED-lit work counter

Energy saver: automatic ON/OFF and Standby

Dose programming (time and brewing temperature)

Counts: number of coffee and hot water delivered, liters of water consumed, filters warning

Digital boiler temperature control (different temperature for each group)

USB port

Customizable display screensaver

Cool touch steam wand

Feet height adjustable

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